Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a few testimonials from the hundreds of people who’ve enjoyed a Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure in Baja…

Bob D.

Exceeded Expectations

For many years I’ve been aware of Chris Haines Adventure Tours. A year ago we signed up to go with myself, a good friend, my two sons and son-in-law. I’m 60 and my friend is 65 so we were concerned about our ages. My two sons are good athletes and had experience riding motorcycles but limited experience riding dirt bikes. My son in law is also a good athlete but had hardly any experience riding motorcycles.

We signed up for the Ensenada to Cabos tour. Although it was a life-long dream we were concerned if we had the stamina and skill to do the trip. We were assigned Pepe and Randy as our riding guides and Rodrigo and Andrew as the support team.

We made it safely with all five members of our group riding into Cabo with no injuries but with an incredible sense of accomplishment. Without question it was one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of our lives.

We credit much of the success of this trip to the Chris Haines crew. They were personable and dedicated individuals. Pepe and Randy were outstanding riders and guides. In many instances they ended up being instructors as well as guides and always had a good attitude about helping us. We especially appreciated the way they helped our beginner rider. They were patient and helped him progress at a rapid rate. After riding the first two days ½ a day he rode all of the last 4 days.

The support team did a great job of making sure the bikes ran effectively. Every time we met them they had food, snacks and we’re happy to clean our goggles and wipe down the equipment. We had to replace one of the bikes with a spare but because of their efforts we had 0 down time. We had two flat tires and we especially appreciated the way Pepe and Randy jumped in and fixed both the flats in the middle of the desert.

The bikes were terrific and in great shape. The hotels and meals throughout the entire trip were wonderful. We stopped at some amazing places for lunch and dinner. Some appeared to us to be in the middle of the desert. We especially enjoyed dinners and meals with the entire team. We consider all of them to be friends we will not forget.

I had hoped for the trip of a life-time and that we would all be safe. Thanks to the Chris Haines team the trip exceeded those expectations. We have memories that will last forever and they brought my boys home safely.

Bob D.


Paul Tinnirello

Outstanding Experience

First, I want to express how impressed I was with the tour. It was an outstanding experience and exceeded my greatest expectations. Second, I was super impressed with the organization of the guide team and the manner by which they ran the tour and conducted daily activities. Third, the dirtbikes, facilities, and food were all fantastic. I would endorse the tour and the company to any prospective participant!

I do want to take a few minutes to also credit Dean, Randy, Arturo, and Pepe. We could not have had a better experience with the guide team. These guys were highly professional, extremely personal, very flexible, attentive to detail, and awesome to be with for the week. They made what would have been an extremely difficult trip (to do on our own), very fun and easy. I truly felt that I had all of the resources in the world behind me the entire time. There wasn’t a moment that went by that I felt neglected, lost, in need of something, or disappointed.

As a business leader, I can only hope that my employees share the same commitment to success that the Haine’s guides demonstrated throughout the tour. They deserve ALL THE CREDIT IN THE WORLD!

Thank you too for helping coordinate the tour on a last minute basis! It was well worth it and I look forward to the next one in the near future!


Race Schaeffer

Amarillo, TX

The Baja ride was absolutely phenomenal. It was everything I wanted and more. Sometimes it got rough but the sheer exhilaration of the odyssey made every tough moment fun. The staff could be described in two words: amazing, best. The guides were surely the best in the business and the helpers behind the action were amazing. The crew in the vans were what made the trip possible.

Also I was rewarded the special arrangement of meeting Chris Haines in the flesh. If you were to talk to him I am sure you would find him one of the most interesting people in the world, I dare say. Being from Texas, I had a lot of riding experience especially since there is a riverbed just 20 miles north of Amarillo where I live. This really had helped me through the technical sand, rocks , and moguls. At a young age of eleven when I arrived I must admit that I was a little naive with older and more experienced riders, but the crowd soon welcomed me in as if I were family.

The reason I had mentioned my age is because I had the spectacular opportunity of celebrating my birthday there. When I had appeared to grow a measly 1 year everyone knew that I had truly aged by 5 years mentally. Also if Pepe, a guide and an amazing rider and companion, had a nickel for every time he started a bike, he could make double his salary. Plus Ed, the fastest rider I have ever seen ( or heard cause he was always a blur) taught me the initiation of turning into a man. Eating hot chili peppers without a beverage, and I must say that it was one of the spiciest things I have ever eaten, but it was entirely worth it.

This ride was by far the most fun, exciting, and awesome thing I have ever done, and I will absolutely do it again.

Thanks dad for making this happen.



Having returned back home safely, I would like to express my best thanks for the excellent organization of the trip and the well maintained bike.

The crew members had been very effective and super friendly. Our guides Klaus and George had been awesome and took us to a lot of great spots with different terrain and riding skills – both Will and myself are ready to go again, we had great fun and are happy that we could ride all sections with no problems. Especially days 2 and 3 of the trip had been extremely good! Mike’s Sky Rancho was a great experience, too.

Thank you again and best regards from Germany



Everyone on the trip had a great time

My friends and I recently took your five day Ensenada to Loreto trip. I am writing to complement you on your operation.

The guides Ed and Pepe were excellent riders and had the rare talent of being both personable and professional. I did not have much dirt bike experience and found them both very supportive and instructive while they helped me build my skill and confidence levels.

Andrew and Hunter were not only a very efficient support team but were friendly and engaging people making the off bike time very enjoyable.

Everyone on the trip had a great time and we are already planning to come back next year.

John, Jeffrey, Dean, David, William, Jae, William



I just wanted to let you-folks know what a great time I had on my recent trip with Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventures.

The run down the Baja was amazing. The scenery was incredible and the riding was challenging. I went from whimpering to myself on the first day “what have I gotten myself into?” to looking forward to getting back on the bike whenever possible. The bike was a great piece of machinery and-ran like a top. The gear was excellent. I really appreciated the clean jersey and socks each day.

Randy and Tim were great companions on the trip. Both men were professional as well as fun to be with. Their experience showed up throughout the trip. Randy was a great lead on the trip and always was looking out for us. It was always good to see Tim at the end of a hard days ride. The stories these guys can tell are amazing. Please give a great thanks to Roy who rode sweep on the trip.

I really didn’t want the trip to end when we were getting near Cabo and I hope I can make the trip again someday.

Thanks again and will be recommending this trip to all of my riding friends up here in Michigan.



Tom and Josh Perry

Father/Son Tour

A big Thank You to Chris Haines and crew!


Family Fun


Thank you very much for the pictures. You did a great job, both with the pictures and with the tour. My boys and I agree that it was the best-guided tour we have taken with Chris Haines. We were very impressed with you, Santana and Omar.

If you don’t mind, please send me your mailing address so we can add you to our Christmas card list and to keep in touch.

Christopher Atkins

“Isn’t for Boy Scouts!”

I wanted to thank you for an awesome experience. I really had a terrific time and had no idea that off roading was so strenuous. Let me tell you, that ride isn’t for boy scouts, it’s for real adventurers.

Although I got banged up and bruised and even walked away with a couple of broken ribs, it was truly an experience I haven’t stopped talking about yet. I hope to get the chance to do it again.

Your organization and guidance is sharp and professional. It dabbled in the grueling hard core off roading, to scenic, to wide open fun, to posh eccentric with the food spreads set up in the middle of giant dry lake beds. Even the food was good!

Best of luck with your EXCELLENT tour.

Thanks again.

Christopher Atkins

Russel Myles

Father/Son Tour

My son (Patrick) and I just finished the 3 day Baja trip. Patrick starts at West Point in June. Once he begins, he will not have a lot of free time. His schedule will belong to the Army. For that reason, I wanted to take him on an adventure that he would remember for years to come. We were not disappointed. The riding was more than we expected (I haven’t ridden that hard in years), Mike’s Sky Ranch was a page ripped from an authentic Baja adventure book, and your guides were superb. Ed, Santana, Brooks and Omar are top shelf individuals- professional in every sense of the word, yet very approachable and down to earth. They each understand that you are in the service business, and they hit all of their marks. The trip would not have been the same without them.
On a personal note, Brooks is a great kid- he knows and does his job well, but he is also a very fun-loving, personable young man. (He and Ed make quite a team.) I wish him well in law school.
I’m about to catch the last leg of my flight home, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share these thoughts/observations with you.

Ron C

Nuclear Physicist

Dear Chris,

On behalf of the tour group that participated in the March 15,16 and 17 Baja Tour, we would like to thank you for a most unforgettable experience.

If ever there is a trail rider’s heaven, this is it. Few people can imagine how great it is to get up each morning and have a motorcycle ready for a days riding, clean, fully gassed, chain lubed and mechanically perfect. Then riding some 50 miles and having someone gas your cycle have goggle cleaner and water available (at lunch a fully prepared buffet) and repeating this routine until days end for all three days.

Your support crew was great and tile camaraderie among all the Tour participants made the ride an experience never to be forgotten and hopefully repeatable someday soon.

Thank you again,

Ron C


Another GREAT Chris Haines ride…

I apologize for not e-mailing sooner, it seems like I’ve been on fast forward since we returned from the Fathers Day weekend ride. Another GREAT Chris Haines ride.

Same destinations as last fall, some different routes and guides, Ed, Santana and Andrew, real nice guys, but so is everybody that works for you. I’m a believer that if you treat people nice you can hire nice people. That speaks volumes for you and Chris.

I feel fortunate to have been able to spend Fathers Day weekend riding in Baja with my son, Son-in-Law and Jonathan my 11 year old Grandson. We had a great time. A lot of guys get to ride bikes with their son’s, but only a few get to ride with their Grandsons. That’s a thrill that I will cherish the rest of my life. And long after I’m gone Jonathan will remember his ride in Baja with his Grandfather. Wouldn’t it be neat if he was able to do the same some day with his Grandson. Good Lord willing and if my health holds up you haven’t seen the last of me.

Thanks again for a great experience

To you, Chris and your entire staff, have a great summer!



What a wonderful adventure!

Thank you so much for the discount. I can hardly believe (now that I am back in boring St. Louis, Missouri!) that I spent the weekend dirt bike riding across Mexico. What a wonderful adventure.

I want to especially compliment you on your incredible employees. Ed, Chris and Andrew were the best! They were professional yet relaxed, they handled any bike problems within minutes (5 flat tires!) and never got stressed out, they were interested in showing the best and fastest of us a challenging time, while also coaching and cheering those of us (mmm, that would be me …) that claimed permanent sweeper position. Chris, Ed and Andrew all gave me well-appreciated advice on how to handle the deep sand; the learning process was an adventure, but it sure felt good by the end to be sailing through it!

I can only imagine how hard it is to find people that 1) know how to ride well 2) know the route 3) have the mechanical ability to fix the bikes, plus 4) have the people skills to handle a range of customer personalities and skill levels. These guys had all that in their back pockets, plus great personalities to boot. Awesome!



…your team far exceeded our expectations.

On behalf of all of us I wanted to make sure you knew your team far exceeded our expectations.

The job that Ed, Andrew and Chris did was fantastic – we did not have to lift a finger except to hit the bikes start buttons, the bikes were “like new” – I was shocked to hear they are in their 3rd year of service! The chase truck services were wonderful, the accommodations worked well (excellent by Mexican standards)! The route was a great mix of different terrain. All 3 guys worked hard to insure we had a great experience and insured all the riders of every ability level had a great time. No one felt slowed up or left behind by others Chris I can’t say enough good things about your staff – Carrie and Karen took great care of getting the group registered and Ed, Chris and Andrew were a joy to be around.

Clearly in any service business the quality of the experience is all about the quality of the staff and you have done an excellent job of selecting quality people, setting up good processes that insure all goes smoothly. Frequently the staff mentioned as they immediately jumped on a need that arose saying to the effect “Chris Haines insists it be done this way …”

I also wanted to say again how grateful I am for your flexibility in helping us make it possible for Brett to join us. As a full time missionary running an organization dedicated to providing housing for some of Mexico’s poorest he rarely gets time to himself, much less have the opportunity to enjoy his favorite sport — riding dirt bikes. Bless you for making it possible!

All of my dirt bike friends in St. Louis are hearing about your company



Billet Racing Products, LLC

I wanted to thank you for lunch and for taking the time to have me over last week.

I especially want to thank you for being so hospitable, kind and welcoming. Your wife and all your employees were also very nice and made me feel right at home. I really enjoyed getting to see your facility and how it functions. I was awed by it and I am using it as a gage of where I want to be one day. I commend you on the caliber in which you run your operation.


Michael Marro

…the trip was in one word, EPIC!

Thanks for the message, and please tell Pepe, “thanks for the shots”. Aside from the bummer for Marc and Grant, the trip was, in one word, EPIC!

I’d like to thank you guys for making it happen. Our group ranged in ability from novice to Pro level motocrossers (all except 1, Baja virgins) and ALL of our expectations were surpassed a million times over. From the scenery to the bikes to the food and lodging, Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Co. is one top notch outfit!

The guides let us experienced riders up at the front ‘push’ the pace a bit and took us on a few more technical sections that are normally not routed. Andrew and the support dudes treated us like kings and I would bet that George, Pepe and Santana had a blast too, they seemed to really find us knuckleheads quite entertaining!)

The best part is, now we are going to have to start saving for another tour in a year or 2, so that Grant can finish out the ride!

Thanks again from all of us, and I will keep in touch! It was the best (and hopefully only) Bachelor Party I could have asked for!

-Michael Marro


Your entire operation is first class…


I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the Baja 1000 pre-run I attended. Your entire operation is first class.

Being the only non-team rider to attend, I was at first a bit apprehensive. But your staff made sure all went well and exceeded every expectation. Jimmy’s advice and friendship is a great asset to your organization. And Santana, Omar, George and Randy all tended to the smallest details to make every aspect flawless.

The equipment and the accommodations were perfect and the riding and scenery spectacular. Desert terrain was completely new to me before attending, but I am certain this trip will help improve my current racing program. Please feel free to call on me for any referral and please pass along my highest praise to your fine staff. I fully intend to come back next year so save me a spot!



Unfinished Business

Again, we were not disappointed. This trip exceeded our expectations. We only have one regret, not booking the trip all the way to Cabo. The consensus among all of us is that we have “unfinished business”. Next year? We are going to try to make it happen.

The crew was excellent. We really enjoyed having Ed and Tom along again. It was great to get to know Andrew and Santana. Ed and Santana did a great job on the trail preparing us for what was up ahead and making sure we safely enjoyed ourselves. I saw that you called yesterday, I was on the other line with a customer. I have been buried since our return. Funny, no one seems to do your work for you when on vacation. Welcome back!

The bikes all seemed to run very well. It is amazing the beating these things take and still run so smoothly. A lot more bikes got laid down this time versus last trip. That rocky section at the beginning of the second day gave us a run for our money.

The food was great as well. I think almost anything would taste good after that amount of riding.

Again, thanks for a quality trip. I plan to make another photo book, (the guys are forcing me) and will send up a copy.

I will touch base next week to say thanks, I just wanted to drop a quick email to let you know how pleased we are.



…we’re already planning our return

A huge thanks to the entire Chris Haines’ crew for putting together a great trip this past weekend. The group was big but we had a wonderful time on the ride. Perfect weather, great guides and fantastic support staff really made the trip.

Since our group was so big, I was nominated to be the class secretary and gather all the email addresses for everyone to share photos. When you get a moment could you please put together a list of the emails for everyone on the trip? If you have emails for the crew, I’ll send them photos as well.

Also, the enduro jackets for Nic, Todd, Robert and myself were greatly appreciated. Very thoughtful of you.

Thanks again for everything and we’re already planning our return. See you again soon.




Safe and Sound

We made it back safe and sound. The trip was way above and beyond my expectations. Pepe, George and Kenny took great care of us. The scenery was amazing, the food was great all the way and the riding was a ton of fun.

Thanks for everything, it was really great!


Danial A.

Second Time Tour

I just returned from my second tour with your company and I thought it was important that I let you know about my experience. As a business owner with restaurants in New York; I always welcome feedback from guests whether it is good or bad.

We had a group of six people, all of whom were friends or friends of friends. This made the trip that much more special. Each and every one of us agreed that it was probably the best trip we had taken in our lives. For me, it was, by far the most well run, professional trip I had taken.

All too often as business owners, we only get letters when one has a complaint. Not this time. I thought that the people who led the trip all deserved special mention for different reasons.

Santana, through his quiet leadership and experience, made us all feel safe and feel like nothing could go wrong. He changed a flat tire in about 5 minutes in the middle of nowhere as we all watched in amazement.

Brent, with his youthful enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport, was a terrific companion and made the time off the road as much fun as on.

Omar and Alfredo were about as friendly and efficient as could be. They would not let us do anything. Whether it was wiping our goggles, giving us water or carrying our luggage, they did it with a spirit of hospitality and generosity. The service they provided was truly terrific.

Although I crashed and broke another one of your bikes, no one made me feel bad about it or feel like I had done something wrong; their only concern was that I was okay.

I believe that the employees of a company reflect the values of the owners. In this case, it made me have so much respect for how you run your company. As professional as it gets with a true spirit of hospitality and taking care of your guests (restaurant jargon). They all spoke so well of the company that it was clear they were all well treated and well respected employees.

We all made a commitment to do the trip to Cabo and to spread the word about your company. I personally can’t wait to do another trip. I will hopefully not continue to crash and pay for bikes, will get to be a better rider and will be a guest as long as you let me.

Thanks for a great ride and an unforgettable experience.

Daniel A.

Matt Palumbo

The Trip of a Lifetime

We truly had the trip of a lifetime, one which I will never forget. The crew and itinerary were top notch. The way that your company executed such a seamless tour showcases their deep passion and unmatched experience.

To ride with Santana as our lead guide was a true honor and challenge. Our second guide George was a wealth of information. His patience, knowledge and communication skills were the perfect complement to Santana’s “Vamonos!” approach. To meet someone like Captain Dave has given me inspiration to try to ride and stay as sharp as him for the next many years of my life. If only I can be so fortunate!

I could go on about each member of the crew but suffice to say that they all performed together as a well oiled machine like my bike which was flawless. I can also truly say that having you with us added a very pleasant ripple to the mix. I wish you luck in your future with their fine operation.

I have attached a link to my on-line album which ironically is very similar to my friend Mike’s (and probably all the others) but hope you enjoy it just the same.

I look forward to the opportunity of joining another tour in the near future. Please share this with Chris and all the staff as they all deserve equal credit for a job superbly done.


Matt Palumbo

Cliff LaMotta

Nothing short of superb!

I am still on the road (on my bike at least!) but wanted to give u a quick shout. Bottom line, this past trip to Baja was nothing short of superb.

It was our third and I think the best. In short, your crew was awesome. Santana was fantastic, smart, kind…a real asset. Great feel for what we liked. Adam was friendly and competent, and genuinely loves to be around people. Brett was fantastic, likeable, skilled and yet humble, always had things set up perfectly. I dare say they actually had a great time working!

It was a great route with the perfect mix of the level of riding. It just kept getting better. Thanks to some input from Santana, I cruised through the sand we did see! It was not as long or as deep, but I felt confident I could handle it and finally lost the fear factor and was afraid NOT to be on the gas in the sand. It felt great to finally get it’. It really felt like a great personal accomplishment.

No crashes for me, other than a small drop avoiding another rider who fell. Zach and Santana lead the way the whole trip, Zach really seems a natural now. The A TV was a great comfort knowing it was there, I actually only rode it an hour or two over the three days, and once really to give Adam a little two wheel time and to demonstrate something he told me. It was actually really fun to ride it, but I was anxious to keep practicing on the sand.

The other father son duo fit with us well. All in all I am so glad we got this trip in and count on us coming back again. Zach wants to do the cabo ride! Is that possible for us?

Finally, my hats off to you all, everything was perfect ….Thanks again,


Cliff LaMotta


…EPIC, it was!

I want to thank you and your company for providing us with a most memorable ride this past week – epic is an overused term but epic it was.

Richard, Matt S, Matt G and I all came home glowing with excitement, pretty well worn out but happy and healthy.

Klaus, Randy and Santana demonstrated again why your company is # 1 in the Baja tour business with excellent customer service, awesome riding ability, good equipment, food and accommodations. Klaus and Santana showed us wonderful new territory, but hard rides that suited our ability and kept us on pace and together. Exploring a new ride and new territory east of San Quintin was very special and has wetted our appetite for more.

Klaus took pictures along the trip which I would love to have copies of, so if you would pass on my request to him and please give him my email address to forward any pictures he might want to send.

Could you again please pass on our thanks to Klaus, Randy and Santana for providing us with such a great ride.

Best regards from David



Great operation!

I’m sure you are aware of this but, I just wanted to let you know how great an operation that you have.

The entire trip was beyond our expectations. George and Santana kept us challenged and sate while Randy and Ken kept us fed and running. I know there is already talk of next year and the group will be bigger.

Again, thanks for everything,




Woodbridge, Virginia

Words cannot describe what a fantastic experience your company provided this past weekend. I’ve wanted to ride Baja for 30 years and you folks totally exceeded my expectations.

We picked a good time with the 1000 race coming up fast it added to the excitement, and for Chris to take time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule to ride with us on the first day made us all seem special.

Your tour lacks nothing and the attention to detail from whining the bikes at days end to cleaning goggles at lunchtime, you have truly ‘thought of everything’.

After a few days of riding you kind of get a little ‘ band of brothers’ thing going on. You watch out for the people around you.

Please share this with Chris and all the staff. Have a good 1000 race and a Happy Thanksgiving.
Warren Wantz
Gil Weiss & Associates
Woodbridge, Virginia




…my trip was so awesome!

You all did an outstanding Job! Not only do you have Baja dialed, but the bikes are as well. It was a pleasure to ride the finely tuned CRF450X’s! I will be trading in my DRZ for a new CRF. I started as a very good rider, but by day 2 I felt like an expert. I have never traveled so fast and rhythmically through such ever changing terrain. Every hill brought something new and there was never a moment to be bored (Except riding the roads). The guides knew every hill, bump, turn, and hazard.

It was a great to have our gear waiting for us every night next to the cold beers! The food was outstanding and I can’t wait till the Jeremy and JC comedy hour goes on tour!

So again, thanks everyone for making my trip so awesome!!!!!
Greg Glazar



New Hampshire

I just wanted to drop a note to say what an amazing time I had on the 3-day trip. My buddy Greg and I were lucky to have been grouped with 3 UK riders that were of the same ability. Klaus and Gerry took full advatantage and we covered some great terrain! The best meal was Saturday breakfast near the beach. I’d come back just for that alone.

I understand that Greg might have mentioned the helmet cam video idea… I’d give it go! I know all the guys in our group would have been interested in a DVD of the some of their riding during trip. I would guess the movie star group that road during the same time ours would have paid top nickel.

I really appreciate Little Chris’s continued help. Jeremy and JC ought to take their show straight to Vegas. Those guys could make money just standing around talking.

I’ll pass the word on to our club here in NH about your trips. www.mvtr.org

Talk to you soon.

Good Luck in November,
Chip Fredette



Will Hendrix


Just returned from a 4-day tour guided by your company (we were the “Chris Galagher group from Texas).

There were 10 of us, with riding skills ranging from “A” enduro to just above beginner. Your two guides were “Ed __” and Klaus G. ( Jimmy Sones joined us for a while).

I have to tell you – these people, including the chase drivers/gofers, did an absolutely outstanding job the entire time they had us in their care. I was continually impressed with their dedication to your procedures and
practices; they never missed a beat!

This tour way exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to you and your team for an outstanding package!

Will Hendrix


Baja 1000 German Solo Rider

After a long flight home (12 hours stay in Mexico).

I´m back in cold Germany (good for skiing and sitting in front of fire). I hope, that your journey back home was good. It was very nice to stay the days in the race and I will do it again! Please tell to the other team members, that I was glad to meet them.

It was a nice atmosphere and a lot of interesting talks.

The motorcycle was perfect and the service.

The spare pants are on the way to you.



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