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  Baja Mexico

7 Day Course

For the rider seeking more riding time, more challenges and even more of a sense of accomplishment, you can ride all the way to the tip of the peninsula. This seven day trip takes you from Ensenada, all the way to land's end at the tip of the peninsula. Covering roughly 200 miles per day, the 1,200-mile ride gives riders the opportunity to see Baja like few others do; from its peaks and valleys, villages and ranchos to its many scenic and cultural splendors to 300-year old missions and cactus forest--there is something here for everyone.

You'll ride through beautiful towns like San Quintin and San Ignacio-an oasis of blue water and green palms--through one of the most magnificent bays on earth--Bahia de Los Angeles--and you experience important Baja cities such as Loreto and La Paz... this trip gives you the whole thing.

The route Chris has chosen covers the traditional point-to-point Baja 1000 race course (though it stops at La Paz) and provides challenges for riders of all abilities. Along the way you'll see practically the same landscape that the Conquistadors rode through in their "discovery" of Baja.

Many of the routes, villages and structures are much the way they were 300 years ago. And there's more. More stars than you'll ever see anywhere else in the world, the freshest lobster tacos, three shades of turquoise coastal water, white sandy beaches and more fresh air than you could possibly breath. In short, the ride to the tip is an experience that few can accomplish. For the ride that does comes a feeling of success that will last you your whole life.

The Finisterra Hotel at the tip of Cabo San Lucas awaits you at the peninsula's end, as the the sport fishing mecca's famous dining. After resting up, Baja Off Road Tours will assist you in making your flight back to reality... that is, if you want to go back.

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