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  Baja Mexico

4 Day Tour

Day 1

Ridden over three unhurried, yet very unique days, Chris takes you down the Western coast of Baja, well below the urban village of Ensenada, then through the coastal highlands. Ever wanted to ride next to a deserted beach? Down here you can do just that before turning inland and heading for the interior of the peninsula, but don't be surprised to see, feel and enjoy a whole new perspective of the Pacific before you do. Watch as sea lions check out your group. Feel the spray from one of the many blowhole stops. Take in the fantastic coastline splayed out before you while you traverse the high road.

After arriving in San Diego and transiting to Ensenada, the ride will start at the San Nicolas Hotel, your temporary base for the first, and perhaps last night.

Day 2

After an early breakfast it's time to suit up and head out of town. Ensenada, renowned for its seafood, is really a sleepy fishing village that grew up. Within minutes you're out of town and heading down the coast. First you'll tour through picturesque and historical towns like Santo Tomas, then visit fishing encampments like Punta Piedras, Punta Cabras and Punta San Isidro before finally heading inland along the Rio San Antonio and into the coastal foothills. Lunch is provided when you reach Valle de Trinidad. There you'll have plenty of time to not only rest up from the thrilling morning, but also to feast on one of Baja Off Road Tours' legendary lunches.

From Valle de Trinidad the ride begins to take on new proportions as you ascend into the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountain range and begin the high route to Mike's Sky Rancho. This route is sure to give any rider a memorable and scenic ride. In fact, you'll forget any blues you may have as you navigate and negotiate the many turns and switchbacks that deliver you to Mike's.

There's also a grand finale to day two, should your guide deem it safe and rideable, and that's Simpson Ranch Road, whose final grade into Mike's is sure to put your skills and patience to the test. Of course, cold beer and a hot shower await you at the bottom of the hill... but if you don't take that route, there's still several other ways to get to Mike's. All of these let you sample the finest riding Baja has to offer.

Day 3

Day three begins with a somewhat leisurely 30 mile ride through the hills surrounding Mike's to Laguna Diablo, or Devil's lake. This 12-mile long dry lake offers some of the most otherworldly riding on this planet. Although it generates dust that can sometimes rise a thousand feet into the sky, it is flat and dry and shimmers with a heat rising off its floor. After lunch on Laguna Diablo, the ride then leads through more hills to Arroyo Huatamote, a mostly dry wash that meanders its way to the western shore of the Sea of Cortez. Also known as the Gulf of California, this Inland Sea is abundant in marine life and if you're an ocean swimmer or a seafood lover, you'll be happy here. Oceanfront accommodations are provided at the Hotel El Cortez, where you can watch the fluctuating tides, swim, dine and enjoy a spectacular sunrise.

Day 4

Your last day departs San Felipe at first light. Being the last day, this ride incorporates not only several of the features ridden on days two and three, but also some very special attractions. Laguna Diablo will be traversed again, however, instead of going west to the Pacific, you'll ride more of a northerly route through San Matias, Valle de Trinidad, Santa Catarina and finally what's known as The Pine Forest. This wonderful area will make you forget you were just in the desert. It's replete with alpine-like meadows, cattle, magnificent boulders, plenty of water crossings and even an occasional mountain lion. As this is the high country, colder weather and snow can be encountered here in winter. After this it's on to Ojos Negros for the last stop of the trip and then back into Ensenada.

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