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Father & Son Rides
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  Father and Son Rides

Family Fun!

Over the years our clients have told us that there is nothing quite like riding with a buddy in Baja Mexico as part of a Chris Haines Adventure tour and until recently the opportunity was available only to adult sized riders. But what if your best riding buddy still calls you "Daddy" - do you leave him behind? Not anymore. The perfect solution is our Father and Son Ride program! We first tested this with a group of our own family and friends and you would be hard pressed to find a better way to strengthen the ties that bind. Afterall, the family that rides Baja together, stays together!


Quick Notes

Mark your calendar
We have year round tours. Check our schedule.
What to pack
All you'll need are a couple of fresh changes of clothes, lighter weight in Summer and heavier in Winter. Toiletries and any personal medications that you may require need to be packed as well. Also recommended: a flashlight, a camera with lots of film, sunscreens, sunglasses, a bathing suit and sandals. Bring a canteen or camelback for water if not renting our gear. While you won't need a visa or other permit to ride in northern Baja, proper identification is always a must. On longer trips, such as to Cabo San Lucas, a passport or birth certificate and valid identification, such as a drivers license is required. Start with the essentials now!

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