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Chris Haines Customer Comment

The trip of a lifetime

Dear Karen and Chris,

We truly had the trip of a lifetime, one which I will never forget. The crew and itinerary were top notch. The way that your company executed such a seamless tour showcases their deep passion and unmatched experience.

To ride with Santana as our lead guide was a true honor and challenge. Our second guide George was a wealth of information. His patience, knowledge and communication skills were the perfect complement to Santana's "Vamonos!" approach. To meet someone like Captain Dave has given me inspiration to try to ride and stay as sharp as him for the next many years of my life. If only I can be so fortunate!

I could go on about each member of the crew but suffice to say that they all performed together as a well oiled machine like my bike which was flawless. I can also truly say that having you with us added a very pleasant ripple to the mix. I wish you luck in your future with their fine operation.

I have attached a link to my on-line album which ironically is very similar to my friend Mike's (and probably all the others) but hope you enjoy it just the same.

I look forward to the opportunity of joining another tour in the near future. Please share this with Chris and all the staff as they all deserve equal credit for a job superbly done.


Matt Palumbo

Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
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