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Chris Haines Customer Comment

What a wonderful adventure.

Thank you so much for the $100.00 discount. I can hardly believe (now that I am back in boring St. Louis, Missouri!) that I spent the weekend dirt bike riding across Mexico. What a wonderful adventure.

I want to especially compliment you on your incredible employees. Ed, Chris and Andrew were the best! They were professional yet relaxed, they handled any bike problems within minutes (5 flat tires!) and never got stressed out, they were interested in showing the best and fastest of us a challenging time, while also coaching and cheering those of us (mmm, that would be me ...) that claimed permanent sweeper position. Chris, Ed and Andrew all gave me well-appreciated advice on how to handle the deep sand; the learning process was an adventure, but it sure felt good by the end to be sailing through it!

I can only imagine how hard it is to find people that 1) know how to ride well 2) know the route 3) have the mechanical ability to fix the bikes, plus 4) have the people skills to handle a range of customer personalities and skill levels. These guys had all that in their back pockets, plus great personalities to boot. Awesome!


Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
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