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Chris Haines Customer Comment

...your team far exceeded our expectations.

Carrie, Karen and Chris:

On behalf of all of us I wanted to make sure you knew your team far exceeded our expectations.

The job that Ed, Andrew and Chris did was fantastic - we did not have to lift a finger except to hit the bikes start buttons, the bikes were "like new" - I was shocked to hear they are in their 3rd year of service! The chase truck services were wonderful, the accommodations worked well (excellent by Mexican standards)! The route was a great mix of different terrain. All 3 guys worked hard to insure we had a great experience and insured all the riders of every ability level had a great time. No one felt slowed up or left behind by others Chris I can't say enough good things about your staff - Carrie and Karen took great care of getting the group registered and Ed, Chris and Andrew were a joy to be around.

Clearly in any service business the quality of the experience is all about the quality of the staff and you have done an excellent job of selecting quality people, setting up good processes that insure all goes smoothly. Frequently the staff mentioned as they immediately jumped on a need that arose saying to the effect "Chris Haines insists it be done this way ..."

I also wanted to say again how grateful I am for your flexibility in helping us make it possible for Brett to join us. As a full time missionary running an organization dedicated to providing housing for some of Mexico's poorest he rarely gets time to himself, much less have the opportunity to enjoy his favorite sport -- riding dirt bikes. Bless you for making it possible!

All of my dirt bike friends in St. Louis are hearing about your company


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