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Chris Haines Customer Comment

I just returned from my second tour with your company

Dear Karen and Chris,

I just returned from my second tour with your company and I thought it was important that I let you know about my experience. As a business owner with restaurants in New York; I always welcome feedback from guests whether it is good or bad.

We had a group of six people, all of whom were friends or friends of friends. This made the trip that much more special. Each and every one of us agreed that it was probably the best trip we had taken in our lives. For me, it was, by far the most well run, professional trip I had taken.

All too often as business owners, we only get letters when one has a complaint. Not this time. I thought that the people who led the trip all deserved special mention for different reasons.

Santana, through his quiet leadership and experience, made us all feel safe and feel like nothing could go wrong. He changed a flat tire in about 5 minutes in the middle of nowhere as we all watched in amazement.

Brent, with his youthful enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport, was a terrific companion and made the time off the road as much fun as on.

Omar and Alfredo were about as friendly and efficient as could be. They would not let us do anything. Whether it was wiping our goggles, giving us water or carrying our luggage, they did it with a spirit of hospitality and generosity. The service they provided was truly terrific.

Although I crashed and broke another one of your bikes, no one made me feel bad about it or feel like I had done something wrong; their only concern was that I was okay.

I believe that the employees of a company reflect the values of the owners. In this case, it made me have so much respect for how you run your company. As professional as it gets with a true spirit of hospitality and taking care of your guests (restaurant jargon). They all spoke so well of the company that it was clear they were all well treated and well respected employees.

We all made a commitment to do the trip to Cabo and to spread the word about your company. I personally can't wait to do another trip. I will hopefully not continue to crash and pay for bikes, will get to be a better rider and will be a guest as long as you let me.

Thanks for a great ride and an unforgettable experience.

Daniel A.

Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
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