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Chris Haines Customer Comment

Bottom line, this past trip to Baja was nothing short of superb.

Chris, Carrie Karen,

I am still on the road (on my bike at least!) but wanted to give u a quick shout. Bottom line, this past trip to Baja was nothing short of superb.

It was our third and I think the best. In short, your crew was awesome. Santana was fantastic, smart, kind...a real asset. Great feel for what we liked. Adam was friendly and competent, and genuinely loves to be around people. Brett was fantastic, likeable, skilled and yet humble, always had things set up perfectly. I dare say they actually had a great time working!

It was a great route with the perfect mix of the level of riding. It just kept getting better. Thanks to some input from Santana, I cruised through the sand we did see! It was not as long or as deep, but I felt confident I could handle it and finally lost the fear factor and was afraid NOT to be on the gas in the sand. It felt great to finally get it'. It really felt like a great personal accomplishment.

No crashes for me, other than a small drop avoiding another rider who fell. Zach and Santana lead the way the whole trip, Zach really seems a natural now. The A TV was a great comfort knowing it was there, I actually only rode it an hour or two over the three days, and once really to give Adam a little two wheel time and to demonstrate something he told me. It was actually really fun to ride it, but I was anxious to keep practicing on the sand.

The other father son duo fit with us well. All in all I am so glad we got this trip in and count on us coming back again. Zach wants to do the cabo ride! Is that possible for us?

Finally, my hats off to you all, everything was perfect ....Thanks again,


Cliff LaMotta

Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
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