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Chris Haines Customer Comment

Hey Karen and Chris,

I just wanted to drop a note to say what an amazing time I had on the 3-day trip. My buddy Greg and I were lucky to have been grouped with 3 UK riders that were of the same ability. Klaus and Gerry took full advatantage and we covered some great terrain! The best meal was Saturday breakfast near the beach. I’d come back just for that alone.

I understand that Greg might have mentioned the helmet cam video idea… I’d give it go! I know all the guys in our group would have been interested in a DVD of the some of their riding during trip. I would guess the movie star group that road during the same time ours would have paid top nickel.

I really appreciate Little Chris’s continued help. Jeremy and JC ought to take their show straight to Vegas. Those guys could make money just standing around talking.

I’ll pass the word on to our club here in NH about your trips. www.mvtr.org

Talk to you soon.

Good Luck in November,
Chip Fredette

Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
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